Stepping Up: The Colorado Spring Final

Sometimes one letter can make all the difference. Take the letter A, for example. Especially in the phrase A-rated horse show… For Ryan Wight, and his mother Nicole, it may have made all the difference in the world. The Langer Equestrian Group’s Colorado Spring Final was their first A-rated show. While they enjoy the CHJA […]

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Into the jumper ring! Jessica’s HITS Thermal 2.0 Pt. 4

The final chapter of a new beginning! After getting her I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was crazy but I got her because she was challenging for me to ride.  Like I said I want to move up in my riding and you can’t do that with a ready-made perfect horse. That’s really why I […]

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New Horse? New Ring? Bring it! Jess Thermal 2.0 Pt. 3

Jessica is not one who does things by halves. And apparently neither is Izzy. Here’s how a new partnership was born… So when it comes to me finding Izzy all the credit goes to Micca. I am a strong believer in letting your horse trainer find you a horse. I think that you pay them […]

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Behind the scenes: Jessica Brendlinger Thermal 2.0 Pt. 2

  Even though Jess didn’t have her super horse show mother with her, she certainly wasn’t alone. Here’s a look behind the scenes with Winsome Farms at HITS Thermal. Staying with Micca and the clients was super relaxed and easy living. The house was gorgeous and it basically just felt like we were on vacation. It […]

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Jessica Brendlinger Thermal 2.0

I love writing our rider profiles. Crafting the questions that will help me get to know them. Crafting the story so everyone else can get to know them too. But every now and again things don’t go as I planned. Sometimes, they go even better.  We all thought it would be great to catch up with […]

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Talent. Determination. And Grace

  The lines are already almost there. Long, balanced. The ferocity, the determination is muted, but no less legit. The poise, the innate kindness, however, these are gifts that are all her own.  At Winsome Farms, we’ve been blessed with a plethora of successful, well-coached riders. But what is the true measure of success? What makes a winning […]

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In the soon-to-be deep midwinter. A Christmas meditation

There is a profound, speaking quiet at the heart of Winsome Farms in winter, especially around Christmas. Maybe because this is the time of year when our hearts are the most willing to hear. Or perhaps there is truly magic in this time, a sweet suspension of disbelief that allows us to believe that our 4-legs can […]

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Winter at Winsome

The day after Thanksgiving feasts and gratitude verbalized, we are struck by the beauty created during sub freezing temperatures. The dogs, cats and horses quite enjoy the cold months – rolling, playing and cavorting. During this holiday season we wish you the joy and harmony we see and feel everyday.

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Rife With Rainbows. Winsome Farms, mid-August 2015

These should be the dog days of August and, in truth, they are seven kinds of stinking hot and miserable. After a rainy spring and early summer, green fields are now finally yielding to a dusty brown.  Grass is dry as tinder. The ground is baked Colorado hard and we’re not even going to talk […]

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Pony Camp: paradise for the horse-mad child!

SAVE THE DATE Winsome Farms’ Pony Camp 2015 starts Monday, July 6th! This year we’ll meet every Monday in July for riding lessons and a thorough grounding in everything about the horse—grooming, tacking, taking care of the tack, taking care of a horse, their health and anatomy and so much more Oh, yes, did we mention fun and […]

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