Another wonderful thoroughbred comes to Winsome!

Congratulations, Alyson Brown, on your new horse William and big thanks to Amanda Fisher of California’s Isola Stables for making it happen.

WF William

This sweet boy with his fancy knees and big heart has been a talented and beloved shepherd, bringing juniors up the ranks—but it wasn’t always that way. Born and bred in New Zealand, this thoroughbred was meant to race, but he wasn’t fast. Frankly, he didn’t want to run at all—and was turned out with the goats. Somehow, his fortune changed again and he began a successful new career as a show jumper before being imported to the States as hunter.

We may not know how William’s luck turned…but we may just know why. Here at Winsome Farms, with Alyson Brown, William has found his well deserved forever barn.

Welcome home, William. Welcome home!

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