Behind the scenes: Jessica Brendlinger Thermal 2.0 Pt. 2


Even though Jess didn’t have her super horse show mother with her, she certainly wasn’t alone. Here’s a look behind the scenes with Winsome Farms at HITS Thermal.


Staying with Micca and the clients was super relaxed and easy living. The house was gorgeous and it basically just felt like we were on vacation. It was also fun to be with new and different people, people who I normally don’t really talk to that much. I learned a lot about everyone who went and that was really cool. I also learned a lot about myself. This trip really helped me come out of my shell in a way. I have always been a super shy and quiet person but after this trip I have definitely opened up a lot more. Over the course of three weeks Micca and I got really close. We went bowling and to movies shopping and out to dinner. It was really nice to hang out with her outside of the horse show setting and just do normal people things.


And of course she was great at the horse show too, she would just let me shadow her all day and I loved every second of it. I learned so much from this trip thanks to her and really thanks to me being there alone out there. We would watch the grand prix ring when we would be waiting for classes and she would point things out to me and we would just talk and she really taught me a lot just through watching.



Micca was basically the parent figure while we were out there and she was definitely a cool parent. She let us kind of just do our own thing but of course made sure we weren’t doing anything stupid. She would check to see if we were doing our homework and things like that. She was also like a parent ringside. She is always there for whoever is in the ring. If you fell off she would run out to you just like any parent would and if you are dying of thirst she will get you a cup of water, really anything you needed—she was there. I think Micca is different than a lot of trainers because I feel like she is very genuine in her acts and actually really cares about all of her clients and just wants the best for them.

Tomorrow, a look at Jessica’s “dance” partner, the talented and ever interesting Izzy!

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