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Rife With Rainbows. Winsome Farms, mid-August 2015

These should be the dog days of August and, in truth, they are seven kinds of stinking hot and miserable. After a rainy spring and early summer, green fields are now finally yielding to a dusty brown.  Grass is dry as tinder. The ground is baked Colorado hard and we’re not even going to talk […]

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Pony Camp: paradise for the horse-mad child!

SAVE THE DATE Winsome Farms’ Pony Camp 2015 starts Monday, July 6th! This year we’ll meet every Monday in July for riding lessons and a thorough grounding in everything about the horse—grooming, tacking, taking care of the tack, taking care of a horse, their health and anatomy and so much more Oh, yes, did we mention fun and […]

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HITS Thermal: Lessons Learned

  All good things must, apparently, come to an end and that’s certainly true for Jess’s excellent adventure in Thermal, California. But there are those things that do not fade and even keep growing once you’re home. In the end, it’s all about lessons learned, allies earned and the ongoing discovery of who you are—even under […]

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Another wonderful thoroughbred comes to Winsome!

Congratulations, Alyson Brown, on your new horse William and big thanks to Amanda Fisher of California’s Isola Stables for making it happen. This sweet boy with his fancy knees and big heart has been a talented and beloved shepherd, bringing juniors up the ranks—but it wasn’t always that way. Born and bred in New Zealand, […]

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Portrait of a Rider. Jessica Brendlinger. Thermal 2015

Thermal, California. The Mecca of hunter/jumper competition in the west. While this highly contested carnival carries on for weeks, Winsome Farms is joining in the 2nd half. And for one new hunter/equitation competitor, who already dared to fly on Friday the 13th, a whole new world has opened. Jessica Brendlinger is a junior in high school and while no […]

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Thanks and Giving

  Here we are again, holiday season. The more of them I have, the quicker they come. It’s easy to come up with the normal platitudes, and I honestly am grateful for everything in my life. My dogs greet me with unhampered joy.  Abby smiles, Calhoun wags ferociously, and Che seems to say, “What’s our […]

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Every horse is a gift. No matter what their job, their strengths and weaknesses, their abilities, or lack there of, they are a gift to everyone they encounter.   I am not erudite enough to express what they have brought to my life and countless others I’ve known. Lifesaver is not too strong a term […]

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The Might and Plight of the Thoroughbred Horse

With the Triple Crown looming, Randy Henry tackles a favorite subject… I love Thoroughbreds. Always have. When I was a youngster the horses we bought, trained and showed were Thoroughbreds. “Warmblood” was a word and concept unheard of. There was no lack of stock and they weren’t expensive. We found them on the track where they […]

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Adventures After Becoming Eligible For Medicare …

Yes, it’s true. I do have the answer to the burning question you have all been asking yourselves… “What do I do when I’m 65 1/2 years old, have C.O.P.D. from breathing arena dust for 58 years, and am sprouting a new ocular migraine?” The answer is quite simple; 4-wheel drive up to 13,000′ and […]

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Pony Camp! How to make your child sooo happy!

Are you looking for that fun, rewarding and thoroughly, absolutely, positively equine experience that your horse-mad child will love? Join us for one or both of our Pony Camps this summer. We welcome our current riders and would love to meet new faces and to match you up with one of our wonderful creatures. It’s a […]

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