Happy Thanksgiving! 


Here at the Henry household, we are grateful no one has succumbed to food poisoning, bloat, intestinal ills, or gagging. Seriously, today is the worst dinner I’ve put on the table in maybe forever. The turkey was under cooked and had to go back in the oven. The green bean casserole was slimy. The whipped cream lost it’s stiffness. The mashed potatoes were burned and runny. OK, the salad was passable. Either I need to retire, or a new oven is looking at a Xmas arrival. In the end all smiled and had enough to eat. What a disaster!!! I am very grateful, and thankful that it is over for another year.
Our recent trip to Europe for investment horses was very successful. I kept telling Billy and Tasha they had no idea how lucky they were to be seeing nice horse, after nice horse, after nice horse. The usual trip is hours, and hours of driving, average to not so good horses, and an occassional good one.Then if we actually find one we like, it has to pass the American vet. Not so easy. In my opinion, the Europeans are more realistic, and have a better understanding of the sport horse they’ve been breeding for over a hundred years. What they know they can live with, and are accustomed to maintaining, our vets put the fear of god into clients who are new to the process. The new and very good technology available today is an adventure in seeing things we never knew were there in the past. The horse gods were with us! Each and every one passed their vet check, and now we are in the process of importation.
An unimaginable event occurred to me at the Hanoverian Stallion Selection. After the free jumping, I asked my very good friend and partner in Germany to bid on number 33 in the auction. This is very uncharacteristic of me, but for some reason I had to do it, and my bid was the winning one for exactly the price I said not a penny more than. 33 is staying in Germany to obtain approvals in other breed registries. You can see his beautiful self as soon as his pictures get put up. We are also posting the wonderful horses Billy and Tasha Goedert bought to train and sell.
I sincerely hope you had a better outcome with your T’day dinner, and your weekend is joyful, energetic,and happy.
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