In the soon-to-be deep midwinter. A Christmas meditation

There is a profound, speaking quiet at the heart of Winsome Farms in winter, especially around Christmas. Maybe because this is the time of year when our hearts are the most willing to hear. Or perhaps there is truly magic in this time, a sweet suspension of disbelief that allows us to believe that our 4-legs can and will speak—as  in the tales of old, bowing down at midnight.

But the truth is, maybe they’ve been talking all along.

Maybe we’re the ones who forgot to listen. For who among us, children then, didn’t sneak out to the barn or the kennel or even a dog bed as close as could be? Grown now, who among us isn’t still secretly watching for that sign, a signal that everything we believed and hoped for was true?

That we are not alone, confined to our own narrow plane of existence. That our beloveds speak to us just as we speak to them.


Happy Holidays to the doubters.

A full heart to those who wish to believe

but aren’t quite sure.

Peace and patience to those creatures who might make your dreams come true…

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