Into the jumper ring! Jessica’s HITS Thermal 2.0 Pt. 4

The final chapter of a new beginning!


After getting her I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was crazy but I got her because she was challenging for me to ride.  Like I said I want to move up in my riding and you can’t do that with a ready-made perfect horse. That’s really why I ended up with her and yes she is very different from Aidan. Aidan was an amazing learning horse but I had basically mastered his ride and at that point I wasn’t learning as much as I need to be, so I looked for a new challenge. It was time for me to move up and get a more challenging horse that could take me to the next level. I really cannot thank Deb Ettinger enough for allowing me all that time with Aidan because that time allowed to me learn and grow into a much more confident and competent rider.


It was also time for a change of scenery from the hunter ring to the jumper ring, like I said I was fine with whatever kind of horse but I really needed to experience a different ring, a ring more my pace. I think people were so surprised and startled with my discipline change because of my personality. Like I am this really quite go with the flow type person and so it naturally seems like the Hunters would be more my pace. However, when I’m on horseback that is not the case, when I’m on a horse I am confident and fearless. For some reason when I’m riding I have a totally different personality, I think it’s just because I have such a strong drive and passion for the sport. I like the jumpers because they are extremely technical and I love that challenge. I love the pace of the class too like its boom boom boom and you’re done, you have to make split second decisions.

As it turned out, those decisions were quite good. We’re all looking forward to seeing this pair compete here in Colorado this summer!


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