New Horse? New Ring? Bring it! Jess Thermal 2.0 Pt. 3

Jessica is not one who does things by halves. And apparently neither is Izzy. Here’s how a new partnership was born…


So when it comes to me finding Izzy all the credit goes to Micca. I am a strong believer in letting your horse trainer find you a horse. I think that you pay them for a reason and they are the professional so let them find the horse for you. Micca knows how I ride, what kind of horses I like to ride, what level I’m capable of competing at, what I want to do, and what I need to improve on. When I started looking for a horse it was sort of like we’ll just keep our options open and see what comes along. We had no intentions of traveling all over the country to hunt down and find a horse. Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love to travel all over the country trying the best of the best but my mom said it was fine to look but we aren’t going to go and hunt one down and not stop till we find one. And that was fine with me, I was just happy to even be getting a horse. I know for some horse shopping is one of the most stressful times but for me the whole thing was super low stress me and Micca went to just a few barns to try horses and there was no pressure to buy any of them. If I didn’t like them that was that and both Micca and the other trainer were totally fine with that.


But anyway one afternoon I got a text from Micca saying hey, there are a couple horses to try at this barn in Parker—are you okay to go look at them later this week? I showed up and there were three horses for me to try. Izzy was the first and I just hopped on and she was just so fun! All the jumps were easy for her and she was a fun ride for me. Micca told me you know she’s a jumper and that’s about it, is that okay? And well of course that’s okay! For me, I didn’t really care what kind of horse I got whether it’s a hunter/jumper/eq, it didn’t matter to me. All I wanted was a horse that could help me learn and advance my equestrian career. When we tried Izzy she was a bit quirky but I could feel that there was a good horse in there. She had potential…

Next, how that potential played out in the HITS Thermal jumper ring. 

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