Nicque in pasture

Every horse is a gift. No matter what their job, their strengths and weaknesses, their abilities, or lack there of, they are a gift to everyone they encounter.


I am not erudite enough to express what they have brought to my life and countless others I’ve known. Lifesaver is not too strong a term to use when I remember the horses I’ve been lucky enough to share life with.


We said goodbye to one of the bravest, strongest, and most generous of our beloved horse family today when Nique left us. Her story is remarkable, her life miraculous.

Nicque the ask

I first met her in Germany around 10 years ago. She was fearless, forgiving, kind and completely reliable. I was smitten. Her journey to America was fraught with bad human decisions, cover up and a killing virus.


Nique flew in with the ground zero progenitor of the herpes virus that killed so many, shut down show circuits, and caused enormous concern in the equine community. Not only was she on the same plane with the infected carrier, she also shipped with him from NY to KY. Although she didn’t come down with Herpes, I’m convinced the stress of her fragile existence was forever compromised by the time she spent with the carrier and the lack of excellent care she received in quarantine. I was not told of the ordeal she endured until I forced the truth from the man who had her.

AL and nickers beautiful jump

Although she came to us 200lbs under weight, nervous, and fearful, she never gave less than her best. She was one of the most confidence-inspiring horses I’ve ever had. She brought to each rider the feeling that, no matter what, she was getting to the other side of the jump, even if her rider wasn’t sure she wanted to.

Mary on Nicque

Nique gave us more years than she really had. After giving birth she went into surgery 7 days later for a displacement. She nursed her foal as soon as she could get on her feet, and raised her admirably.

Nicque Alison with halter

Every memory she has enriched my life with, is of courage, and great desire to please her human(s). By far, her most loved person was Alison who adored and cared for her over the last few years. I’m quite sure Nique stayed here much longer than she would have if not for Alison.

Nicque Alison in the snow

Living on the farm is a constant cycle of true life; birth, existence, death. It never gets easier, but is unimaginable to consider without the blessings the animals give us.

Nicque in arena

Our hearts will mourn the loss of Nique, but in time we will rejoice in the memories she left us.


CU Nicque alison

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  1. Brenda Nesbitt November 2, 2014 at 9:07 pm #

    This was written with such respect for the gifts horses bring us. Of course I wept. Nique’s story did me in. My hope is that even more of us humans will find our way to appreciate, truly, madly, deeply, how blessed we are by our animal companions and partners. Thank you for this tribute.

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