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Colorado’s Winsome Farms

winsome farm logoWinsome Farms is a family owned and operated equestrian facility for horse lovers of all ages and abilities who want to learn classic horsemanship in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. We guide you through your personal learning program from the ground up… grooming, tacking, basic care and a confident, respectful riding relationship with your horse. Whether it has been a while since you have been on a horse, want to sharpen your skills, or competitively train, Winsome Farms is the perfect venue for you.

“Why come here? Its home… safe, secure, warm and comfortable with an extended family of horsey people. We dedicate ourselves to your goals and stand beside you through your challenges. Our home is your home, a place of healing and trust.” – Randy Henrywinsomeaerial

Winsome Farms offers the perfect venue for first-timers to Olympic hopefuls, and children as young as four. We also work closely with occupational therapists, physical therapists and sports psychologists for those who wish to enrich their lives regardless of their personal challenges. Contact us for details on these unique opportunities.

Behind the Woman – Randy Henry

Randy Henry’s reputation is built on nearly six decades of experience… respected and hired by world-class riders and trainers for consultation and coaching. She also actively mentors young professionals seeking help and advice to navigate through a most difficult equestrian career.

randy henry colorado winsome farmsHer numerous accomplishments include riding, training, owning or coaching 12 Hunter Derby winners. She is extremely well versed in all facets of the Hunter/Jumper industry. As a big R judge, and past USHJA committee member, Randy has donated many hours and inspired ground breaking changes in the hunter arena including the present “Low A/O” Division and the “Performance” Divisions, submitted by her nearly 20 years ago.

Her riders and horses have won national awards in the Hunter, Equitation and Jumper divisions at major shows across the country. Her passion is passing on her expertise to riders of all abilities who share in her commitment to excellence.