Pony Camp! How to make your child sooo happy!

Are you looking for that fun, rewarding and thoroughly, absolutely, positively equine experience that your horse-mad child will love? Join us for one or both of our Pony Camps this summer. We welcome our current riders and would love to meet new faces and to match you up with one of our wonderful creatures. It’s a […]

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Whatever your horse dreams are…

We are HERE to get you THERE Most people make decisions about others based on what they see them do. For some who’ve seen me in the jumper ring with Hannah (who is a prodigy), I work only with the high-enders in the upper levels of the jumper ring. Others think I live and breathe […]

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Portrait of a Young Rider. Kai Krizman

  All photos by Karen Algeo Krizman The lovely young Kai Krizman has been riding for four years, the last of those with trainer Mollie Holms here at Winsome Farms. A true sportswoman in every sense of the word, Kai is an enthusiast for riding—for all sports in fact—and an unfailing supporter of her fellow […]

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How to ride outside and stay alive…and in the saddle.

Rut Row! It’s that time of year again—although here in Colorado, “that” time in can be anywhere from March to May…or possibly even June or July. A warm, lilting breeze entices, lures us back outside again. Fluffy bunny clouds give no hint of the lurking dark. The robins have returned, along with their warbling brethren. […]

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Young Riders of Winsome Farms, we salute you!

Well, we have been busy! Last weekend one trailer went to Colorado Springs for the “A” show (more on this in another post!), and the other went just down the road to Canon Ridge for a schooling show. But for our younger riders, some in their very first show, there is no “just” about it. […]

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So you think you’ll save sooo much money

  …taking care of your own horses and owning your own barn. Yes. Well. Let Randy introduce you to… A Day in the Life of the Trainer Who Owns and Lives on the Farm   1)   Awaken at 3:56 am to the sound of galloping hooves disappearing in the distance,  a few low whinnies, and […]

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The sun sets on Ocala

We love Randy’s blogs. But there are times when even this voice needs a little judicious editing. Encouragement. Or perhaps just a little love. As we all do. But you be the judge as… Every Blog will have its day The 2014 HITS Winter Circuit in Ocala is toast. And possibly a trifle more burned […]

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Being stupid and the art of riding

From Randy With 58 years of horse experience nearly all of which, I note with pride, have been injury free, I now can say it is true—pride does go before the fall… literally. About 4 weeks ago I mounted a sweet, 16 year old guy for his rehab session. Out across the fields we go […]

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The Heart of the Matter

    Glimpsed in the sweet, raw hours of sunrise, and even then… It is a story not quite articulated. Indistinct, it is still the promise of what we imagine; what we hope for. That in our lives this time around, horses ARE the heart of the matter, and through their grace perhaps we are too… […]

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The Ocala Shows Begin…

A quick note from Randy Henry… pics and more stories to come!  Our first week showing went well. The horses did 2 days of low hunters with me and then Sammie showed in several classes plus the children’s division over the weekend. As GE used to state in their commercials, “Progress is our most important […]

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