Portrait of a Young Rider. Kai Krizman


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All photos by Karen Algeo Krizman

The lovely young Kai Krizman has been riding for four years, the last of those with trainer Mollie Holms here at Winsome Farms. A true sportswoman in every sense of the word, Kai is an enthusiast for riding—for all sports in fact—and an unfailing supporter of her fellow riders. So we thought it would be worth knowing yet more about her.  Turns out, we were so right…

Q. Why riding?

“I love animals and I needed to do something. I always loved horses so riding seemed right.”

Kai hugs Panda small

Q. What does riding mean to you? 

“When I ride it just feels like I’m free, doing my own thing. I feel like I’m in my own little world.”

Q. You ride several horses here. What does each one bring to the party?

“Panda is the easiest. Argent forces you to ride correctly with all the fine details. With Ben, you just want to say cool your jets!”



Ah yes, our man with a motor. But more about Ben later.



For every rider, at least in a hunter/jumper barn, there is a line to be crossed…actually a line that looks a lot like a pole… that is some inches off the ground. Just for clarity’s sake—we’ll call it a jump. For most young riders, it is that moment of truth.

“My first time jumping was pretty scary. I was like omg, I jumped!  And then I wanted to do more of this. I felt like I swam across the ocean, it was that big!”

Kai Jumping  ?

Which may have ignited Kai’s biggest dream—to ride in the Olympics.

But for all her ambition, Kai had yet to ride in a horse show—until this weekend. Competing in one’s first show is a challenge for any young rider. The fences suddenly loom “larger”. The courses are downright devilish and once on course, all the pretty diagrams seem to fade out of memory…

For a rider with ADHD and dyslexia, the challenge could take on a whole new dimension. Or open a whole new horizon. Because Kai is all about proving what she can do.

Memorize a course…or three.

Kai Molly show small

Get that man with a motor in gear…

Kai revving up with Ben

And believe that together you can do…

Kai on Course BenCR

Exactly what you want to do.

Kai in her beribboned glory

Now, did we mention that Kai would also like to be an announcer for the Rockies?

Drew Goodman, mind your back!


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  1. Carol Storey April 29, 2014 at 5:52 pm #

    Thank you Molly for being a wonderful Coach for our niece, Kai. We know how determined she is. Hope I get a good seat at the Olympic Arena.

  2. Elizabeth Lord May 2, 2014 at 9:15 am #

    Lovely post about a brave young rider.

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