Rife With Rainbows. Winsome Farms, mid-August 2015

These should be the dog days of August and, in truth, they are seven kinds of stinking hot and miserable. After a rainy spring and early summer, green fields are now finally yielding to a dusty brown.  Grass is dry as tinder. The ground is baked Colorado hard and we’re not even going to talk about the whole fly thing.

But we’ve been noticing something else, too. This…



and this


and quite beautifully these…


So we began to wonder.  Might there be gold? Are we the pot?

Or are these beauties the harbingers, the heralds of this one?

Meet Xanthic.


A 4yr 16.2h Old/TB cross gelding. He is a stunning color, beautiful mover, and an athletic, correct jumper with a superb temperament.


In other words, pure gold.  So, is this your rainbow’s end?

Xanthic. Coming quite soon to Winsome’s sale barn.

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