Stepping Up: The Colorado Spring Final

Sometimes one letter can make all the difference. Take the letter A, for example. Especially in the phrase A-rated horse show…

For Ryan Wight, and his mother Nicole, it may have made all the difference in the world. The Langer Equestrian Group’s Colorado Spring Final was their first A-rated show. While they enjoy the CHJA shows, it was clear this was different.

Nicole: It was very organized with hardly any wait time. For Ryan, the nerves creep in if he has to wait. The announcers were great too. Very clear about everything. Very clear about the scoring and you got your results right away.


That feedback—plus insights from your trainer— really help you improve. As does the right support at the show. Jesus Cisneros, known around the barn as Jesse, is in truth our very own superman.

Nicole: The best part about the whole thing was having Jesse there. Everything was done and it was done beautifully. The stress about having to worry about taking of your horse is gone. All you have to worry about is getting on your horse and riding.

Then you finish riding, Jesse takes care of it all. It’s simple and stress free. Jesse is incredible—very calming and good with the kids. He gives them pep talks and that gives them confidence.


And then there’s Argent, the super horse. Found in a farmer’s backyard in Germany, this 22-year old Saschen Anhalt has taken two kids to Harrisburg for the USEF/Passoa medal final.

Nicole: Ryan and he have a really good connection. Argent won’t let him do things wrong. The first two classes Argent was peppy and fast. Micca said it was because his mane was braided so he knew it was time to show off.

And show off they did, getting better and better throughout the weekend.


Nicole: The ribbons were a huge confidence builder for him. Ryan Iives for this. He loves jumping. If he could spend all day every day doing this he would.

For a shy kid who doesn’t like team sports, this is perfect. He has this connection with horses. It boosts his confidence—it boosts everything! It’s something he’s good at and it is bringing everything up.

And isn’t this exactly what we want for our kids?

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