Talent. Determination. And Grace


The lines are already almost there. Long, balanced.

The ferocity, the determination is muted, but no less legit.

The poise, the innate kindness, however, these are gifts that are all her own. 


Grace Davis and Dolce

At Winsome Farms, we’ve been blessed with a plethora of successful, well-coached riders. But what is the true measure of success? What makes a winning rider?

With folks competing at HITS Thermal and training hard here in Colorado, it’s a good question.

And a fair one.

There are those who just don’t quit until they make it happen. Others are matched with that one perfect horse for a once in a lifetime experience. And then there are the ones with determination and talent to burn. Along with something special and unique to each of them.

It’s time to meet our new generation.


Grace Davis is at Thermal for her first USEF rated show. It’s a big jump from a CHJA (Colorado Hunter Jumper Association) show here in Parker last summer, but then again jumping is what Grace is all about.

She came to Winsome Farms on the recommendation of a friend, Addi.

“I took a lesson on Dolce and that’s when I knew this would be the barn where I’d like to stay. I felt taller and more confident.”

Riding horses and confidence have a way going together for this 11 year old.

“I like riding and being around horses. It takes away the stress I get during the rest of the day. So it’s something I want to stick with the rest of my life. It is something I’m good at. It makes me feel like I’m stronger and more confident than I am when I’m not on a horse.”

Sometimes, though, that lifetime of confidence is inspired by a single word.

“I had started jumping before but things took off when I got here. After a couple weeks jumping cross rails, I did a diagonal line and my trainer told it was flawless. Flawless. So I just knew I was supposed to do this for the rest of my life.”

Still, this life is not without its ups and downs.

“One day I didn’t think I’d had such a good lesson so wasn’t feeling great but then my mom came up and said you’re going to California. “

As in HITS Thermal. The first of the Holy Grails for a young competitive rider. And for many of the top pros too. But she’s already faced some of her fears.

“Even when I went to the Colorado Horse Park CHJA show it was a little intimidating knowing there were really good riders there. But once I got in the ring all I had to focus on was the first jump and then getting to the next one. Now that I’ve been riding new horses and gaining more experience, I might do better than I think I will.”

Oh, Grace, we think so. In the end, perhaps success is just seeing the first jump and lifting your eye line to the next.

These are the stories we have to tell, and love to tell, at Colorado’s Winsome Farms.

One jump, one lesson, one success at a time.

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2 Responses to Talent. Determination. And Grace

  1. Sally February 28, 2016 at 9:06 am #

    It’s wonderful to see young women build the confidence that not only will serve them well as competitive riders but in life. There are so many life lessons to be learned, and providing a safe and supportive environment such as the one at Colorado’s Winsome Farms will allow these young riders to thrive and succeed.

  2. Dee Lewis March 1, 2016 at 2:44 pm #

    It was so great to be able to see you show your riding skills at HITS! We had so much fun with you, your mom, and the rest of your team! Thank you for sharing this event with us. We learned a lot about the riders, horses, and the entire sport! You were fabulous and what a wonderful experience for you winning all of those ribbons!
    Love you,
    Al and Dee

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