What we Offer

colorado winsome farmOur customers feel they have found their “forever” home because of the quality relationships that are built between them, their horse and the Winsome Farms family. Our customers remain long-term because Winsome Farms is committed to their needs for the long-term. We work closely with you to determine what you need to realize your goals and how to help you get there. It is that simple!

We also provide unique opportunities to help people recovering from an injury or working on personal challenges. We believe the relationship between horse and rider is a lifelong activity that not only provides joy and excitement, but therapeutic benefits that can heal.

  • Lessons and training
  • Safe environment for children aged 4 and up
  • Competition riding and career management
  • International competition
  • Occupational therapy
  • Support for at risk youth and adults to instill a strong work ethic
  • 2-3 day clinics
  • Assistance with breeding, foaling and breaking

Contact us to discuss rates. Private and group consultation available by request.